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Here we go! With the ongoing summer transfer window every football club is looking to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season. This recipe includes the latest confirmed transfers around the globe for players with a market value of at least 1M euros. Copy/add the feed link below to your favorite RSS feed reader and stay updated on the latest football transfers. Please note that this recipe retrieves the data from Transfermarket (all credits go to them!) using a private Google Sheet which is updated around every 12 hours. Delays and/or unexpected results can occur due to this.

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Nicholas Gioacchini (Orlando ➡️ St. Louis CITY 💲: draft)

Tim Parker (Houston ➡️ St. Louis CITY 💲: 482K€)

Luca Petrasso (Toronto ➡️ Orlando 💲: 400K€)

Fafà Picault (Houston ➡️ Nashville 💲: 250K€)

Luca Petrasso (Toronto ➡️ Orlando 💲: 300K€)

Artem Dzyuba (Adana Demirspor ➡️ free agent 💲: -)

Mehdi Zerkane (G. Bordeaux ➡️ free agent 💲: -)

Mehdi Zerkane (G. Bordeaux ➡️ free agent 💲: -)

Ryan Thomas (Vereinslos ➡️ PEC Zwolle 💲: -)

Nemanja Radoja (Vereinslos ➡️ Kansas City Wiz 💲: free transfer)

Nemanja Radoja (Vereinslos ➡️ Kansas City 💲: free transfer)

Franck Ribéry (US Salernitana ➡️ carrier end 💲: -)

Timothée Kolodziejczak (Vereinslos ➡️ FC Schalke 04 💲: -)

Youcef Belaïli (Vereinslos ➡️ AC Ajaccio 💲: -)

Ahmed Refaat (Future FC ➡️ Al-Wahda FC 💲: loan fee:1.58M€)

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Cook's note: This feed has every transfer worth more than 1M euros. If you are only interested in the really big ones (+10M) check out our Big Deals transfer feed.