Italian Serie A RSS Feed



Bella Italia! This recipe gives you yesterday’s scores and upcoming fixtures for the Italian Serie A. Please note that this recipe retrieves the data from the website using the Xpath technology which may result in unexpected behaviour from time to time.


single website (

data extraction with XPath

Sheets filter formula

Sheets array formula

Sheets regex formula


Add the copied feed URL to your favorite feed reader and that's it! 👌

If you want, you can make it yours with some customization:

  1. Make your own copy of this Sheet recipe and customize it by replacing with new league URLs from the ⚙️Config sheet.
  2. Optionally, change the query formula in the output sheet (cell 'A1') to include the correct feeds.
  3. Serve the final feed by creating a crssnt feed URL and add it to your reader of choice.

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