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This recipe combines the feeds of some of the most popular podcasts out there such as The The Deck and the The Trojan Horse Affair.

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Updated 9 days ago

Rachel Hurley – 9 of Hearts, Florida

Joyce “Tina” Gallegos (7 of Spades, Utah) and Gabrielle DiStefano (3 of Spades, Utah)

Valincio Hill – Ace of Hearts, Kansas

Brian Sullivan – 3 of Spades, New York

Dana Ramm – Jack of Hearts, California

Roberta Johnson – 10 of Diamonds, Florida

James Winston III – 9 of Clubs, Kansas

John Spivey, Nancy Spivey and James Rowe – Jack of Spades, Florida

Irving Shuman – 5 of Diamonds, Arizona

Mary “Frankie” Harvey – Jack of Heart, Massachusetts

Jenny Lin – Queen of Hearts, California, Part 2

Jenny Lin – Queen of Hearts, California, Part 1

Marjorie Sue Fithian – Wild Card, Colorado

Donna Tattersall – Queen of Spades, Rhode Island

Rachael Runyan – 5 of Clubs, Utah

Melissa Mason & Nicole Glass – 6 of Hearts, Arizona

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