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To what extent did post-USSR Russia attempt to align itself with the West before cementing itself as an adversary, and what was the role of the CIA in leading it to its current position?

The 1931 film Frankenstein begins with a warning to the audience that the studio thinks it's too scary, and audiences might be shocked. Was this merely a marketing gimmick, or did Universal truly believe that the film was so scary compared to other films that it warranted a warning to audiences?

How much of the Jews' work in concentration camps was useful to the war effort and how much was just forced to inflict suffering?

Where did the idea of Lycanthropy/Skinwalkers originate?

Just how did smoking tobacco become such a massive worldwide phenomenon?

Why did European Paganism become extinct, but Hinduism and other Asian IE religions survived?

Most know the Statue of Liberty is made from copper and due to the salt water in NY harbor, had been "rusting" away, giving it it's green look. When the US accepted it in the 1800s, did they know that would happen? If so, did they just assume it would eventually rot and dissolve into the ocean?

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