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I know that the Korean spoken in north and south Korea have deviated a bit from each other in the 70 years that the nation has been divided. Did anything similar happen in the 40 years Germany was divided into east and west?

I’ve read that “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-1995) was innovative, not just for the superhero genre, but TV animation in general. What was so revolutionary about it?

Ancient Apocalypse: is there any reputable support for Ice Age civilizations?

If Alexander the Great slept with a copy of the Iliad under his pillow, as according to legend, what would be the physical form of his copy - one compact scroll, a pile of scrolls, something else entirely?

Did witchfinders ever find anyone innocent?

Who actually constructed the castles in medieval Europe? Were they constructed by the peasants who actually lived in the region where the castles were built? Were professional engineers and construction workers brought to remote locations to build castles?

I grew up hearing about Anglo-Saxon migrations/conquests leaving an indelible mark on England. In recent decades, historians doubted the textual evidence for this and said any impact was small. Now, genetic testing shows a huge impact. Why did historians become doubtful, and why were they off base?

Why were Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria painted wearing crowns, while no kings before or after them wore crowns in their portraits? Why is it so rare for kings to wear crowns in their portraits?

In WW2, around 20 million Soviet men died, leaving sex ratios skewed. What was the effect of this on everyday life, dating, marriage and fertility rates?

Where do Romani think they are from traditionally?

Why people celebrate Guy Fawks failure? Wasn't king James I an abusive king?

Nowadays we have the concept of "vegging out" (relaxing while doing very little), but it's usually associated with TV/video games/mass media. Did similar forms of relaxation exist before the 20th century and mass media? If so, what did people do to "veg out"?

Was the 100 years war a conflict about whether the King of England should rule parts of France, or whether the King of England was the King of France?

could the American Revolution have been avoided if Britain had given the colonists representation in parliament?

"the Spaniards had abducted and raped many women in Cuzco, including princesses, noblewomen and priestesses... they left no one single women or sister unviolated". Was this the norm in European warfare at the time, or were the Spanish a uniquely rape obsessed culture?

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